The Catch-Up Challenge (Basically Challenge #8)

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

In observance of the holiday, the short week, and – we’re just speculating here – the mild feeling of despair you may be experiencing due to the symbolic end of Summer, we won’t be issuing an official challenge this week.

Instead, we suggest catching up on any Arts & Crafts projects or previous Weekly Challenges you may have missed.

giphyIn fact, to keep things interesting, we’ll still offer our Weekly Prize of a $10 Amazon Gift card. Just send us a pic, or post and tag a pic of your challenge efforts to Instagram or Twitter and you’ll automatically be entered to win. 

Enjoy a coloring page and maybe win $10? Sounds like a pretty good plan.

If you’re an amazing person who’s already completely caught up with everything, rest assured we’ll continue to post brand new content throughout the week, including a new coloring page by Migration Goods on Wednesday. In all honesty, besides the lack of an official challenge, this week will continue as normal. 😉

Have a frank and productive week.

Catch Up on Previous Challenges and Arts & Crafts projects and you could win a $10 Amazon Gift Card


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