Challenge #15: Horror Haiku

Challenge 15.png

In preparation for Halloween, search deep into your black, black hearts for the scariest stories you know, then smash them into super spooky haiku format.

The Challenge

Tell a scary story – real or fictional – in haiku format. See how many horror haiku you can come up with by EOW. 

Unfamiliar with haiku or need a refresher? Please check out Challenge #11: Everybody Was Haiku Writing.

The Prize

Share your scary stories and, in turn, we’ll share them with all our Players. Plus, we’ll include you in our weekly prize drawing. We’ll choose one winner at random from among the entries to receive their choice of a $10 Amazon gift card or a $20 donation to their favorite charitable organization (provided it accepts online donations).

The Sharing

To share your horror haiku with us, you can:

  • Send us an email at HEY @ FOLLOWMETOCERTAINDOOM dot COM
  • Post it to Twitter or Instagram with @FMTCD in the tweet/post

And, that’s it! We’re big fans of scary stories and even bigger fans of haiku. So, this is an especially exciting challenge for us. Very excited to see what you wonderful people come up with.


Certain Doom