How to Celebrate National Talk In An Elevator Day – July 28, 2017

From The Elevator Talk Show
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from The Elevator Talk Show

National Talk in an Elevator Day
July 28, 2017 (Last Friday in July)

Today, defy convention and strike up a conversation with whoever happens into your building’s elevator. Listen intently when they speak. Ask thoughtful questions and provide insightful observations of your own. Ignore the obligations that brought you to this building and, instead, remain inside the elevator. Ride for hours. Make yourselves comfortable. Sit on the floor. New riders will come and go, and some may even join you. Make room for them. Build a small campfire in the elevator (protip: prop open the emergency door in the ceiling to allow smoke to escape), toast some s’mores, and tell some ghost stories. You’re going to have an awesome day.

0728_National Talk In An Elevator Day
Links & Learning

Indoor camping is a thing. We didn’t just make it up.

Elevator safety is also a thing. Be safe out there.

Making friends can be hard, but here’s some help.

Storytelling is an art form. Git gud!

Art Appreciation (and/or some light shopping)

Selected elevator-related art prints from Society6.

  1. 138 Elevator Doors by Wendy Rombough
  2. The Girls in the Elevator by Sigurdfisk
  3. Greetings from Hungary by Zsolt Vidak
  4. Misfit by Samuel Chen
  5. Elevator by Clayton Jones
  6. 2:38 AM by Mako Miyamoto
Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith
0728_National Talk In An Elevator Day

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