FMTCD is a project dedicated to injecting a little mischief into your daily life.

When FMTCD began, we centered our efforts around Weekly Challenges. Each week, we posted a new challenge. Each challenge provided a variety of tasks to complete. Each task completed earned you points. The points were meaningless. It was awesome. You can view results of these challenges here.

Though we’ll continue creating challenges, we’re backing off the weekly pace to explore new territory, including: Questionable Advice & Information; Coloring Pages; Dumb Flyers, Projects & Crafts; Micro-Challenges; and links to stuff to do on the Internet.  Certain Doom can be surprisingly capricious, so our shenanigans-related content will likely take various and sundry forms.

We do hope you’ll stop by to partake. It’s always great to see you.

Warmest regards,

Certain Doom

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