FMTCD is a project dedicated to injecting a little harmless mischief into your workweek, a little play into your every day. Even if you love your job, you could probably use an occasional break – a moment of absurdity, adventure, silliness, or distraction. Think of it as grown-up recess.

At the center of FMTCD lie Weekly Challenges. Each week, we’ll post a new challenge. Each challenge will have a variety of tasks for you to complete. Each task completed will earn you points. The points are mostly meaningless, but participation can be rewarding.

In addition to the core Weekly Challenges, we’ve begun producing additional content including Coloring Pages, Ridiculous Flyers, Micro-Challenges, links to fun stuff to do on the Internet, and miscellaneous nonsense. We’re kinda playing it by ear here, so expect all kinds of workplace-shenanigans-related content.

ONE THING WE REALLY MUST SAY: Whatever you do, do not get fired. Every workplace is different and tolerance levels for silliness will vary. Please use your best judgment when deciding which challenges to undertake.


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