Each weekly challenge will have its own unique constraints, but every challenge will rely on five basic rules:

  1. Whatever you do, do not get fired. You can’t spell “workplace mischief” without “workplace.” Consider your company’s culture and overall tolerance for nonsense before taking on a challenge.
  2. Respect others. Some folks don’t care for shenanigans. That’s fine. If someone asks you to take your shenanigans elsewhere, maybe you should take them elsewhere. Somewhere more shenanigans-y.
  3. For now, scoring is self-reported. It’s an honor system. We trust you!
  4. Negative scores are possible. Read each challenge carefully for possible point deductions. We put them in there to make challenges more challenging and the points system more baffling. 
  5. Share your experiences with usThis is less a rule than an ask. If you’re enjoying FMTCD, send us your pics, screen grabs, thoughts, and feelings. Tell us how the challenge went. Tell us what challenges you’d like to see next. Email us at hey [@] followmetocertaindoom [.] com.
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