Weekly Prizing

As a thank-you to all our awesome Players, we’ll be awarding a small prize to one lucky participant each week. These will typically be $10 Amazon Gift cards or something similar – pretty much any sort of gift card we can find online that provides digital delivery via email. S’alright? S’alright.

How It Works
  • Players take pics of their participation then email them to us at HEY at FOLLOWMETOCERTAINDOOM dot COM, or post them to Twitter or Instagram with the #FMTCD hashtag.
  • We enter all participants into a handy spreadsheet.
  • We use a random number generator to select the winner.
  • We post the winner’s name/handle in our Weekly Highlights post and send an email to the winner, if possible.
  • The winner will have one week to claim their prize.
What Qualifies As Participation
  • Photo submissions from the latest Challenge
  • Photo submissions of completed projects from our Arts & Crafts category

Each unique photo submission will count as a separate entry in the drawing. So, feel free to submit as many unique images as you like!

A Note

Please be advised that we’re only human. If you’re at all worried that we may have missed your pics, please feel free to email us, use our contact form, @ us on social media, use semaphore, flag us down, send carrier pigeon, etc. We want to know that you’re playing. Believe us!

As always, have a frank and productive week, everyone!

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