Follow FMTCD On All The Things

Social media? We have it.

In addition to this wonderful site you see before you, we’ve kicked off fledgling Instagram and Twitter accounts, both of which will provide additional quality content for your consumption.

On Facebook – @followmetocertaindoom
A great place to ask us your questions, share your observations, and just say hey. We’ll post frequent micro-challenges to spice up your day and rack up additional points. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.23.49 AM.png

On Twitter – @fmtcd
Much like our Facebook page, but in convenient Tweet format. Our Twitter is particularly good for the occasional retweet of adorable animals, fascinating facts, and, of course, short-format micro-challenges:

On Instagram – @fmtcd
We’re posting all the images we receive from Players – challenge results, completed coloring pages, and pretty much anything FMTCD. This is probably the most poppin’ of all our social media accounts, mostly because Players are terrific. Example from Challenge #4:

So, yeah. Please come find and follow us on all the things and we’ll talk to you about stuff and show you our pictures. Everyone will be happy and hug. That’s what the internet is all about!