Conference Call and/or Meeting Bingo

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click for PDFIf you’re one of the lucky folks who hardly ever have work meetings, we salute you. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right. Live the dream for all of us!

If, unfortunately, your calendar is wall-to-wall conference calls, Google hangouts, Skypes, in-person “pow-wows,” or whatever VR/AR/hologram group-communication technology the kids are into these days, please don’t despair. We made you some Conference Call/Meeting Bingo Cards.


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They won’t solve the problem of too many meetings, but maybe they’ll make them a smidge more bearable? Maybe even a little fun? Perhaps you’ll look at them and think, “Ah, yes! I thought I was the only one, but another knows my pain. The burden is shared and therefore lessened.”


Please enjoy them with our compliments.

If you’ve got any suggestions for additional office bingo subjects or any of our Print & Play projects, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!