What’s For Lunch? Paper Fortune Teller


Lunch is one of the top six most important meals of the day, ranking somewhere between Brunch and Lunner, and two slots behind Elevenses – the most important meal of the day being Second Breakfast.

But, with the modern workplace being what it is, you may find it difficult to make time for lunch, to even wrap your head around the notion of lunch. And, deciding what to eat… Well, what kind of superman brainiac has the mental energy for that?

So, we made you this handy paper fortune teller to tell you what’s for lunch. It has animals on it. See?

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If your childhood was very lonesome and you’re unfamiliar with paper fortune tellers, they’re little paper playthings the rest of us learned to make in grade school for the purposes of determining our future spouses, living arrangements, and/or careers. They’re how we ended up married to the lunch lady, living in a shack, and working as a zookeeper. It’s a system that has worked for centuries.

This particular fortune teller, however, is only about lunch. Still, we hope you’ll print, cut, and fold it up into a useful workplace tool that you and your colleagues can enjoy.

Building Your Fortune Teller

Need help with the cutting and the folding? Here are some pics and instructions:

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Operating Your Fortune Teller

We hope that simply having the fortune teller in your hands will activate some latent muscle memory and you’ll immediately know how to use the device. But, just in case….

  1. Insert your index fingers and thumbs beneath the four peaks of your fortune teller, opening and closing its sections in a coordinated, alternating fashion. It should look like this:


2. Choose an animal.

3. Spell the animal’s name, opening and closing the fortune teller with each letter.

4. From the interior of the fortune teller, choose a number and open and close the device a corresponding number of times.

5. From the interior of the fortune teller, choose yet another number.

6. Unfold that number’s flap to reveal what’s for lunch.


We do hope you enjoy your new fortune telling device. If this little project has put you in a DIY state of mind, we highly recommend trying a few of our other Arts & Crafts projects.

Have a frank and productive day!