How to Celebrate National Handshake Day – June 29, 2017


National Handshake Day
June 29, 2017

Experiment with various handshakes throughout the day. Ones to try: the Crusher, the Mangler, the Tickler, the Noodle, the Wriggler, the Itchy, the Sweaty. Insist on shaking the hand of each person you encounter throughout the day, regardless of their relationship to you or the frequency with which you see them. Develop a thorough understanding of which handshakes are appropriate for any situation. Master the handshake. Quit your job and become the most celebrated handshake model in stock photography. Let the fame and filthy lucre go to you head until one morning, years from now, you wake in your estate, surrounded by objects you don’t love and people you don’t know – all lightly dusted in the popular party drug of the time. Realize that handshakes were meant to connect people, but you can’t remember the last time you felt a connection to anyone or anything. Weep.

Shake Hands with Learning More

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