How to Celebrate National Aunts & Uncles Day – July 26, 2017


National Aunts and Uncles Day
July 26, 2017

Use an online genealogy service to chart your family tree. Discover previously unknown members of your family, including what appears to be an aunt and her husband residing just two towns over. Confront your mother about her sister. Why had she never mentioned her? Why has she never visited? Is she, in fact, your real mom? Your mother will do her best to allay your fears, but, sensing your mistrust, she will attack. As you struggle on the kitchen floor, accidentally rip away her mask, revealing the reptile flesh beneath. You were right all along: this woman is not your mother, but a deep-cover agent for the lizard people. Flee in terror. Later, join the human resistance and wonder forever what happened to your real mother and what exactly the lizard people want from you. The adventure begins!

Some people believe lizard people run the world
A Google image search for “Lizard people”

lizard people image search.png

Now some reptile reveals from the original 1980s miniseries V.

0726_National Aunts and Uncles Day

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