National Thrift Shop Day – August 17, 2017


How to Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day

Today, play Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Shop on a continuous loop on your headphones, computer speakers, or preferred music listening device, whatever it may be. The important thing is that you are never out of earshot of this song.

Consider the following facts:

  • Thrift Shop peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100
  • The Thrift Shop single sold over 7 million copies in the United States alone
  • The Thrift Shop music video has over 1 billion views on YouTube
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won two Grammy awards in 2014, beating out Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake for Best Rap Performance

Gaze into the abyss and hope to the god you no longer believe in that the abyss will gaze back.

Here It Is

Go ahead. Play it.

Links & Learning

Don’t worry, it’s not all Macklemore.

You could find some really awesome shit and reap other rewards.


Thrift-store paintings given new life by The Gnarled Branch.

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