National Senior Citizens Day – August 21, 2017

senior citizens playing cards

How to Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

Purchase several hundred dollars worth of board games, card games, and jigsaw puzzles. Wrap each purchase in Christmas-themed wrapping paper and carefully pack them into a red velvet sack.

Dress in your Santa costume, throw the sack over your shoulder, and head to the nearest senior citizens’ assisted living facility.

Walk the halls of the facility distributing your gifts to its residents. Facility employees may attempt to interfere; they may, in fact, ask you to leave. Smile and tell them you are Santa Claus. They will relent. Some residents may point out that it is August and not Christmas. Smile and give them an extra present.

Gather everyone into the common room to unwrap the presents. Stage a mock snowball fight using wads of crumpled wrapping paper. Set up some tables and chairs for your new friends and make your way from one to the next, playing each game or helping with each puzzle.

Get to know people. Talk to them about their lives. Listen to their stories. Tell some jokes. When you’ve had a chance to speak to everyone, leave.

Feel good about yourself. The Santa costume was a little creepy, but you did a nice thing today.

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