A New Doom is Dawning

Hello, friends!

How’s your year going? Great? Great! That’s fantastic to hear. So happy for you.

We know it’s been a long time since you heard from us. So many things have happened since last we posted regularly. There were jobs lost/won, illnesses grappled with/managed, lives lost/altered, and all of that before this apocalypse soon! stuff even began.

We will do better. We will bring you new content. Some of it will be silly. Some of it will not. It’s a “Do What You Feel Festival” at FMTCD, and we feel like this festival will never end, and it won’t! (Until we feel like it will.)

We’re adding some other folks to the content mix, as you may remember that we are a human person and doing things alone is sometimes hard. We want to say there’s safety in numbers, but, actually, please refrain from grouping together. That is dangerous, and we do not condone self-endangerment. Unless it’s funny. Then, we ask that you please send a video.

Anywho, welcome to a new Follow Me to Certain Doom.

Hugs from your friend always,

Certain Doom