A Scorecard (Spreadsheet) & How to Use It

A few folks have asked how best to record and tally their scores. We’ve been scribbling in the corners of notebooks, but figured there’s a better solution.

One of the goals of FMTCD is to provide you with innocuous fun you can have at work. To this end, we’ve created a rather nondescript scorecard in everyone’s favorite format – a spreadsheet – so you can open and update your scorecard on your work computer with impunity. (YMMV.)

The Bro Zone Scorecard template can be found at this link. When used correctly, it will calculate your score for you.

Keep in mind that the sheet is a template. To use it, please follow the very simple directions below:

As a Google SheetMake A Copy

  1. Go the the template.
  2. Make a copy of the template by going to File > Make a Copy.
  3. Replace the example entries with your own.
  4. Enjoy.


As an XLSdownload as

  1. Go the the template.
  2. Download the template by going to File > Download As > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).
  3. Open the downloaded file in Excel.
  4. Replace the example entries with your own.
  5. Enjoy.

In the future, we’ll post a new scorecard template alongside each new challenge. We also have plans for fancy-looking scorecards you can download and print out, if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for your patience. We’re learning as we go.

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