Challenge #1: The Bro Zone

Bros of another sort, but the fist bump remains the same.

For our first challenge, we’ll keep things simple. This week, try incorporating the word “bro” into your work correspondence. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Start an email with “Bro” – 10pts
  • Close an email with “Your bro,” – 6pts
  • Call a person “bro” in a meeting – 3pts
  • If the person you’re addressing is also attempting this challenge, deduct 5 pts. Negative scores are totally possible.

Feel free to award yourself multiple points per day per “bro.” Remember: scores are self-reported and rely entirely on the honor system.

Let us know how it goes. Send us your scores and/or evidence of challenge completion and we’ll post it here. (But please obscure any sensitive information.)


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