Highlight Reel: Challenge #2: Mad Stacks


Great week, everyone. Challenge #2 drew double the number of last week’s Players and some 30 stack pics. Turns out people really like building stacks and/or knocking them down.

Several of you were kind enough to email in your scores and stories from the challenge. Below, a selection of the highest scores and best stories:

BIG WINNER: Pteradactyl – 270 pts
I thought this was a really fun challenge!

Janonymous – 255 pts
This challenge was super fun! Brought out the inner destructive self >:] (I swear I’m not crazy.) I knocked down I think 7 stacks (maybe some of them weren’t real stacks. Were they?!) I built one stack in the kitchen on Tuesday and it’s still there….. now…. LOL.

Jumeotadang – 225 pts
Stacks be on like donkey kong. I learned that people in my office don’t really give a fuck about random stacks lol.

dreams_underfoot – 200 pts (and counting)
All was well with my stack until Wednesday, when a coworker asked ‘What is this? Did you do this? You did. I know you did. You do this stuff all the time.” To which I replied “Yeah,  it’s just a stack of stuff.” Whereupon she immediately disassembled it and said “Not any more.” I built a new stack straightaway.

In hindsight, I probably contributed to my stack’s demise by adding to it every day. No one wants a cocky stack. 

Stack #2 was still standing when I left Thursday. I won’t be back at work until Monday, so it won’t know the fate of the 2nd stack (and total points!) until then.

aj_seriously – 170 pts
I often found myself wandering around my new office (we’ve been in this space since April) looking for things to stack and coming up “meh.” I had thought that it’d be easy. It wasn’t. 

A coworker joined in on the fun because he was lurking on the “Explore” page of IG and recognized the watermelon stack from our kitchen. I thought this was going to be bad news for my stacks, but we ended up working together on one, and then I had an intern build a stack on his desk while he was out of the office yesterday. Fun!

Banannie – 35 pts
So sad. The only funny thing that happened was that my stack was a in a meeting room. People noticed but didn’t knock it down! Even candidates didn’t knock it down 🙂

Huge thanks to everyone who played, sent in pictures, and just generally supported FTMCD. You’re the real MVPs.

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