Challenge #2: Mad Stacks


The Challenge

Build physical stacks of common office items (pens, paperclips, batteries, paper, etc.) and see how long they can remain standing.

The Catch(es)

We don’t want to make this too easy or too destructive. There are a few catches:

  • You can only have one stack at any given time.
  • Items for your stack cannot leave the room where you found them.
  • You cannot build your stack on your own desk.
  • Stacks must be at least three inches tall.
  • Do not destroy office property. Remember The Rules.

The Points

  • Build a stack – 25 pts
  • Stack still standing after 24 hours – 30 pts (i.e., 30 pts each 24 hours)
  • Knock down another player’s stack – 20 pts
  • Have your stack knocked down by another player – -20 pts


  • Sharing Is Caring Bonus: Send a picture of your stack to FMTCD – 10 pts
    [email: hey [@] followmetocertaindoom [.] com and we’ll post them to the site and the FMTCD Instagram.]
  • Team Player Bonus: If you see someone not minding The Catch(es). Call them out and help yourself to all their points thus far. If the player has 0 pts, give yourself 25 pts.

The Scorecard

We’ve created a handy spreadsheet template for you to use as a scorecard. To use the template either download the XLS below or follow these instructions to use as a Google sheet.

A long post, but hopefully a fun challenge. As always, please let us know how it goes and feel free to check back here for updates. We’ll post images of stacks if we get any.

Good luck and godspeed.

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  1. Oh this is hilarious! I work from home, so this one might be a little easier for me. I’m going to build stacks, though, where I know my husband will see them and be confused. Let’s see if he leaves them alone. Any other tips for adapting this week’s shenanigans to a work-from-home environment? Thanks for adding a little fun to my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah! You make a great point! We should think of alternative solutions for folks who WFH. Here’s an idea:

      Each day, make your stack slightly bigger. 20 points for every day and every additional inch you add without your husband saying anything about it.

      THEN, 50 pts if he says anything about it and you convince him that it’s normal. 🙂

      Will that work?

      Liked by 1 person

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