Recruit Players, Receive Googly Eyes


UPDATE: This promotion is no longer available. We ran out of googly eyes. Huge thanks to everyone who participated! 

Attention, Players!

We need your help growing the FMTCD community. If you’ve been enjoying our challenges, coloring pages, and general nonsense, we’d be grateful if you might pass the word along to your friends, colleagues, and maybe even strangers. The more the merrier, as they say.

What’s in it for you? Lots of things! More Player Colleagues to play against. More sweet images to look at on the FMTCD Instagram. A sillier, more mischievous world. Also, googly eyes. It’s a new, ongoing challenge:

The Challenge

Send an email or make a post to your social media encouraging folks to play along with FMTCD and we will send you a small packet of self-adhesive googly eyes to use however you like.

The Catch(es)

  • You must email visual evidence (screencap or photo) to hey [@] followmetocertaindoom [.] com.
  • US only. For the moment, we can only send googly eyes to addresses within the United States.
  • Limit three (3) packets of googly eyes per Player. (This is if you post to multiple social networks.)
  • This challenge will end when we run out of googly eyes.


Sound alright? Let us know!

As always, we’re super grateful to have you playing along with us. We hope you’ll continue to play, have fun, and help us make the workweek a little more interesting. 🙂