Player Profile: aj_seriously

Follow Me To Certain Doom is only four weeks old, but we’ve already made so many incredible new friends. We’re absolutely floored by the awesomeness of our small, but growing, Player community. Give yourself a hand and 10 pts, everyone.

To demonstrate our gratitude, our awe, and our straight-up curiosity, we’ll be making an effort to get to know our Players better through the occasional Player Profile.

Our inaugural Player Profile is of the amazing Abby, AKA aj_seriously, who’s been accepting our challenges since week one. You may remember her from such awesomeness as the watermelon stack, the outsourced-to-an-intern stack, the TLC deck, and the returned pickling cucumber.

We sent Abby a list of questions. She sent us her answers and some pics. As you might have guessed, they are all awesome…

Abby, AKA aj_seriously.

Hello, Player! Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Who are you and where are you from?
Hi, Certain Doom! My name is Abby and I go by @aj_seriously on the Instas and the Snaps. I was raised in Indiana, lived in Southwest Florida for a bunch of years, and now I find myself in my second year in the home of industrial rail (nope) and the birthplace of the tow truck (yep), Chattanooga, TN.

What kind of work do you do?
I do marketing, recruiting, office management, and business development for a third-party logistics company. I’ve only been at this job (and in the transportation industry as a whole) since November of 2015, but I’ve been a professional instigator of silliness for a while.

A celebratory cake.

What’s your workplace like?
Part of what I see as my responsibility in the office manager sector of this job is to have a positive and fun impact on the culture of our company. It helps that I work with fun people. This past April, we moved into a big warehouse we had renovated in a hip, walkable neighborhood in Chattanooga (Southside!). We have a ping-pong table, pop-a-shot basketball, and cornhole boards. We’ve got a bunch of bikes available for use, but it’s been too hot for that. We grill out for lunch at least once a month and we celebrate birthdays with people’s special request treats. I have a drawer full of local and Amazon gift cards to dish out as I feel appropriate. There are 14 of us, including my boss, who enjoys a great deal of silliness as well. You should see the dance he does when he beats this one guy in cornhole. It’s pretty special. But the industry can be stressful, so our employees have to enjoy being here.

Do you get up to much nonsense at work? If so, what kinds?
The most. I produce a daily PowerPoint that plays on two large screen TVs over the group work spaces. The point of these is to go over the numbers and forecast, but I stick in reaction gifs all the time. It’s my favorite part of the day. Sometimes I’ll include an important fact about this day in history, and I always list what happy hours or other events are going on. I also sometimes stick in a trivia question to make sure they’re paying attention; winner gets a gift card. One day last week, the city water department had a “Water Fest” and I told them that if anyone actually went to that and could prove it to me, I’d give them $15 to Amazon. Turns out, someone went and took his whole family. That delighted me.

Also, we are next to a church that is a Poké Stop, which we can hit from our desks, all day everyday. There are 4 or 5 of us that play Pokémon Go, so occasionally we nerd out about that together.

My boss has literally told me that I need to control the mood in this room, so… nonsense it is! I think he meant that he wants me to make sure the Pandora’s always playing and we switch the TVs from the PowerPoint to cable after a certain time, but no one says he wasn’t talking about incorporating TLC lyrics and the word ‘bro’ into all of my conversations, you know?

Abby’s secret nest.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done to entertain yourself at work?
We have a loft in one of our storage rooms that gives us access to all of our AC ducts and filters. One lunch break, I spent time up there thinking about making myself a secret nest. And, actually, today I took my first nap up there (during lunch) on a picnic blanket I had in my car. Oh god, they’re all gonna know about that now, aren’t they? I had a rough night/morning though. I’m declaring that acceptable.

What do you wish you could do at work, but haven’t tried?
I don’t know!? If I could change one thing, I guess, I would like for my coworkers to want to grab a drink at a happy hour more often? For a long time, I was the only female in the office, and a lot of them have young families, so I guess I get it, ya know, but… still! We work in a rad part of town with amazing restaurants and drink specials! Please hang out with me!

If you could have one workplace superpower, what would it be?
Oooh, this is tough. I’d like to be able to return a ping-pong volley, for starts.

Why are you following me to certain doom? 
I was already on my way!

Any words of wisdom for other Players or other working folks?
Don’t tell your whole office at once about FMTCD. One of my coworkers learned about my involvement from lurking the explore page on Instagram. It was real fun when the two of us were the only ones who knew what the hell was going on. I busted out laughing when one of my NPC’s returned a bottle of dish soap (for the Many Happy Returns challenge) to my PC’s desk and felt the need to explain it to all of them via email at that point. I probably just should have told a couple of the direct witnesses though. Really interested to see what happens moving forward. I know a couple of them signed up for new challenge alerts, so next week should be good!

Thank you so much, Abby, for playing along with us and for bringing new Players into the fold. We’re looking forward to many more adventures with you. 🙂