Challenge #5: The Flash Menagerie

The Challenge

Draw animals on sticky notes and attach them to surfaces around your workplace. See how many animals you can draw and how many can survive the week.



The Catch(es)

  • Only one animal per sticky note.
  • Drawings do not have to be realistic or “good.”
  • Each animal must be clearly identified on its sticky note (e.g. “lemur,” “boar,” “baboon,” etc.)
  • Stickies must be placed in commonly accessible areas.
  • Player desks are off limits. However, NPC (Non-Player Colleague) desks are fair game. See Animal Sanctuary below.
  • Player vs. Player sabotage is allowed and can earn you extra points. See The Food Chain below.

The Points

  • Draw an animal, identify it, and attach it to a surface – 15 pts
  • Have an animal survive 24 hours – 10 pts
  • Email us – hey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com – a pic of your animal or post/tag it with #FMTCDchallenge to Instagram or Twitter – 20 pts
Player Vs. Player – AKA “The Food Chain”


For PvP, we’re invoking the laws of the jungle. If you encounter another Player’s animal sticky, draw an animal that could eat/destroy the original animal onto a new sticky note and place it over the original to receive points.

  • Cover another Player’s animal sticky with your own, superior animal – 25 pts
  • Have your animal sticky eaten/destroyed – -10 pts

And, yes, you can stack predators. If you see an animal that has been placed on top of another, you can place an even more superior animal on top to eat it and collect your 25 pts. It’s the food chain at work.

Bonus: NPCs – AKA “Animal Sanctuary”

Your animals needn’t live in fear. While Player desks are strictly off limits for posting your own stickies, NPC desks are a safe haven. If you can convince an NPC to display your drawing on his or her desk, your animal cannot be eaten by another Player and you will receive bonus points.

  • Convince an NPC to display your animal on his or her desk – 5 pts

The Scorecard

Here’s a handy spreadsheet (it looks like work!) that will help you calculate your score. Download the XLS below or follow these instructions to use the Google sheet.

The WFH Way

For those of you who work from home, your challenge is not only to draw animals, but to create “food chains” of animals who eat/destroy each other. Begin with one animal, then draw a new animal that might eat it, then one that might eat the second, etc. Multiple chains are welcome. The longer each chain, the more points you earn:

  • Draw an animal – 5 pts
  • For each of the first three successive “predator” animals – 10 pts
  • For each successive animal from four to eight – 20 pts
  • For each animal beyond the eighth – 30 pts

Good luck!