Challenge #9: I Need A Hero

It’s a brand new challenge, everyone! Press play and get hype!

If you could have one superhuman ability, what would it be? Flight? Invisibility? Super strength? Don’t say “magic.” Magic is a cop out. Get real!

This week, we’re coming up with our own badass superheroes who can do badass stuff with the badass abilities we give them. None of that boring x-ray vision nonsense, but really cool and useful abilities, like the ability to pick a perfect avocado every time. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

We’re borrowing a bit of the format from Challenge #5. So, if you played that, you’re a shoo-in for this.

The Challenge

Invent and draw your own superheroes on sticky notes, then attach them to shared surfaces around your workplace. See how many different new superheroes you can draw and how many remain by the end of the week. 

The Catch(es)

  • Only one superhero per sticky note
  • Only one superpower per hero
  • Drawings do not have to be “good” or even recognizable
  • Drawings must clearly state superhero name and ability (e.g., “Perfect Avocado Man, power to select perfect avocados.”)
  • Player desks are off limits
  • Player vs. Player sabotage is allowed (see My Kryptonite below)
  • Singleplayer mode is available (see My Arch Nemesis below)

The Points

  • Draw a superhero, with an ability and a name, then attach it to a surface – 15 pts
  • Have a superhero survive 24 hours – 10 pts
  • Email us – hey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com – a pic of your superhero or post/tag it with #FMTCD to Instagram or Twitter – 20 pts

P.S. By sending us or posting/tagging a pic you’ll be automatically entered to win our Weekly Prize!


Every Superman has his Kryptonite and every Perfect Avocado Man has his Avocado Stem Blight. That’s just science. Soo… If you encounter another Player’s superhero, draw something that would negate its superpower, then post it above their drawing.

  • Cover another Player’s superhero with its context-appropriate “kryptonite” – 25 pts
  • Have your superhero weakened/defeated – -10 pts

Work from home or simply prefer to keep your challenge private? We got you. In addition to the Basic scoring above, try creating an arch nemesis for each of your superheroes. Then, counter an arch nemesis with a more powerful superhero, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

  • Cover your superhero with its arch nemesis – 15 pts
  • For each of the first three successive nemeses/heroes – 10 pts
  • For each successive nemesis/hero from four to eight – 20 pts
  • For each nemesis/hero beyond the eighth – 30 pts

Alright. That’s it! Very excited to see your superheroes. As always, have a frank and productive week.

Your friend,

Certain Doom