Challenge #6: Office Sup-Pile Up

The Challenge

Secretly build collections of office supplies on Non-Player Colleagues’ (NPC) desks or workspaces. See how many supplies you can leave behind before EOW or before getting caught.

Cat in Peanut PileThe Catch(es)

  • Supplies must be left on an NPC desk/workspace. Your own desk or Player Colleague (PC) desks are not allowed
  • Only one type of item per desk – e.g., just pens, just batteries, just paperclips, etc.
  • If you are caught, you have three options:
    • Convince NPCs the items are their own
    • Admit your shenanigans and move along
    • Admit your shenanigans and recruit the NPC to join the challenge
  • Player Vs. Player sabotage is allowed by alerting an NPC to shenanigans
  • Please return office supplies to their rightful places at EOW. Or, not. I’m a bullet point, not a cop.

The Points

  • Start a collection of office supplies on an NPC’s work surface: 25 pts/collection
  • Add an item to a collection: 10 pts/item
  • Email us – hey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com – a pic of your collection(s) or post/tag it with #FMTCD to Instagram or Twitter: 20 pts/pic
  • BONUS: Everyone who sends in a pic will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. One (1) winner will be selected on Saturday, August 27th.
  • Admit your shenanigans and move on: 0 pts
  • Successfully convince an NPC a collection is their own: 50 pts
  • Admit shenanigans and convince an NPC to join: 100 pts/NPC
Player vs. Player
  • Turn informant and alert an NPC to shenanigans: 15 pts
  • Get told on: -10 pts 😦

The Scorecard

Here’s a handy spreadsheet that will help you calculate your score. Download the XLS below or follow these instructions to use the Google sheet.

WFH or Out & About

For those who work from home or simply want to take your challenges outside the office, simply move your collections to:

  • shared/communal places within your home
  • public spaces (think of your collections as art installations… sort of)
  • any non-home venues you frequent on a daily basis – coffee shops, libraries, etc.

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Have a frank and productive week, everyone!