Print & Play: The Octopus

A new Print & Play flyer for you this week! This octopus has some serious body integrity issues. Can you and your coworkers help?

Printable octopus flyer


  1. Click the octopus for a print-ready version of the flyer.
  2. Print the flyer.
  3. Cut around the octopus’ tentacles to create tearaway strips (example at right).
  4. Affix the flyer to a surface in a public area.
  5. See how many legs remain by EOW.
  6. Send us pics of your octopus flyer to enter this week’s prize drawing!

In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to make two points:

  1. We probably should have written “tentacles” instead of “legs.”
  2. We once saw a similar, hand-drawn version of this flyer in the halls of our office building. We hope no one minds that we made our own. We’ll happily credit you, if you’d like to lay claim to the original!