The Liar’s Daily Worksheet

Have you ever told a lie? Maybe a tiny a fib? Of course not. Neither have we! We were just checking to make sure we were all on the same page. Isn’t the honesty the best? Ice cream, dogs, and honesty – the three best things.

But… if we were to lie, we’d bet that the hardest part of lying is keeping track of which lies we’ve told, when we told them, and to whom. For the entirely hypothetical and unlikely circumstance in which one might lie, we’ve created this really handy worksheet to keep track of it all.

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How to Use The Liar’s Daily Worksheet


  1. At the top of the page, take note of the date of your lie(s). Be sure to indicate the day of the week, as that may prove useful later.
  2. In the lefthand column, under Lies I Told Today, write the lie(s) you told today.
  3. In the adjacent column, under Told To, write the names of the people you told your lie(s).
  4. Beneath these two sections, under Longterm Implicationswrite in any after-effects and repercussions of your lies(s). This is a great place to list lie-related “to-dos.”
  5. Finally, under Doodle Space, indulge in a little lie-related (not to mention stress-relieving) fun! Draw your lie(s) or plan exciting new ones!


Again, not that you would ever need something like this. But, maybe you know someone who might.