Challenge #12: Make ‘Fetch’ Happen

Do you know how to leverage a tactical touch-base to spin up the long tail in millennial disruptive innovation? Did the previous sentence make even the slightest bit of sense to you? If so, we’re so sorry. The world is dark and full of terrors and workplace jargon is one of them.

This week, we’re fighting back against the tyranny of workplace jargon and/or contributing to its evil – depends on your perspective – by creating our own terrible neologisms. Then, in an act of true heroism/villainy  – again, a matter of perspective – we will attempt to make our jargon “happen” by getting our colleagues to repeat it.

It’s a little challenge we call…


The Challenge

Create your own workplace jargon. See how many words and phrases you can come up with and how often you can integrate them into your communications by EOW. Then, see if you can get your colleagues to use your jargon, too.

The Points

  • Create your own workplace jargon (word or phrase)  – 15 pts
  • Use your jargon in a workplace setting (conversation or communication) – 20 pts
  • Email ushey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com – or post your jargon with its definition to Instagram or Twitter with the #FMTCD hashtag – 20 pts
  • Get a colleague to pick up your jargon (any format) – 30 pts
  • Use your jargon in a meeting of more than four people – 50 pts

The Prize

By sending us or tagging and posting your jargon creations, you’ll be automatically entered to win this week’s prize – a $10 Amazon Gift card.

How does all that sound? Good? Outside the box? Paradigm shifting? Are your eyes bleeding now? We’ll stop.

Looking forward to your nonsense.

As always, have a frank and productive week.

Your friend,

Certain Doom

P.S. If you’d like to see the results from last week’s challenge – Everybody Was Haiku Writing – please check out our Week 11 Highlights.