Challenge #14: The Eyes Have It


Are you acquainted with the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia? It’s the perception of patterns where none exist. It’s how folks end up seeing the man in the moon, Jesus on a slice of toast, or a T-Rex in a pretty, fluffy cloud. It’s the mind’s tendency to familiarize the unfamiliar – a tendency easy to exploit for fun and profit.

This week, let’s do just that (the fun part, not the profit part). Let’s contribute to the world’s collective pareidolia in the simplest and most straightforward way we know how: by adding eyes to stuff.

The Challenge

Add eyes to as many inanimate objects as possible. See how many inanimate objects you can bring to life by EOW.

The Eyes

Eyes can be hand drawn, glued on, Photoshopped in, or applied in any fashion you fancy. To help you out, we’ve compiled some googly eye resources below, including a PDF – so you can print out and apply some eyes the old fashioned way – as well as individual transparent PNGs for use with your image editing application of choice.

The Points

  • Add eyes to an inanimate object – 15 pts
  • Email us – hey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com – a pic of your newly eyed inanimate object or post/tag it with #FMTCD to Instagram or Twitter25 pts

The Prize

We had a really great turn out last week and we’re wondering whether the charity option had anything to do with it. So, this week, our winner will have a choice between a $10 Amazon gift card or a $20 donation to the charity of their choosing (provided it accepts online donations).

How does all this sound, friends? Good? We can’t wait to see what you create. We wanted to do a whole bunch of eye-based puns, but couldn’t think of any, so enjoy this Reddit thread of eye-based puns instead.

Have a frank and productive week, everyone!


Certain Doom

P.S. We post every submission we receive to the FMTCD Instagram. Follow us to get an eyeful of the competition.