Ask Certain Doom #3: Where Have You Been?

The short answer is: sick. For pretty much the entirety of Q4 we had colds, coughs, flus, food poisoning, and various other ailments. All at once or back-to-back, and lingering on into the new year. We mostly haven’t been well enough to do anything other than lay in bed, moaning weakly. 

We haven’t felt up to it emotionally, either. Q4 2016 was kind of the worst for a lot of a people in a lot of ways. We found it challenging to be silly at a time when so many people were (and still are), hurting, dying, fleeing from current horrors, and fearful of horrors yet to come. It felt kind of wrong (oblivious? myopic?) to putter on encouraging nonsense and mischief. So, we thought we’d put it off until it felt right again.

It still doesn’t feel quite right. But, it has occurred to us that there may be no better time for a little lightweight anarchy than when people are feeling helpless or hopeless or uncertain. 

So, in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be back to posting once again, but, we’ll be experimenting a bit with the form, structure, and bent of what we’re up to. Maybe we could collectively use our powers of mischief for the greater good. Maybe!

If you’ve got any ideas, let us know. 

Happy new year! 

Your friend, 

Certain Doom