How to Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day – June 06, 2017


National Sewing Machine Day
June 13, 2017

Purchase a sewing machine and set it up in your home. Do not sew on this first night. Instead, binge-watch a selection of crime, mystery, and police procedural television shows. Craft a supervillain persona. Recruit a gang of misfits, scoundrels, and ne’er-do-wells. Give your gang a catchy but menacing name. Build a comprehensive brand identity. Create social media accounts for both the core gang brand and particularly media-friendly individual gang members, establishing clear editorial guidelines and a system of multi-channel cross promotion. Populate your social media feeds with a roughly 85:15 ratio of original to curated content, with an emphasis on videos, imagery, and text-based “hot takes” on current events. Become internet influencers. Use your sewing machine to create a wildly successful, branded line of functional yet stylish “evil-leisure” clothing and accessories. Destroy Gotham.


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