How to Celebrate National Postal Worker Day – July 1, 2017


National Postal Worker Day
July 1, 2017

Wait outside your home for a postal worker to deliver your mail. Tell the postal worker you’d like to get to know them better. They’ll be flattered by your interest and will invite you to join them on their route. Do so. Experience a light-hearted movie montage of postal service-related activities, including: dodging sprinklers, running from aggressive dogs, having a mail fight in the back of a mail truck, tending each other’s mail fight-related paper cuts, riding the conveyor belts at a local mail sorting facility, taking the mail truck off road, and building a mail-fueled bonfire on the beach. As the sun sets on National Postal Worker Day, tell your postal worker how much you’ve enjoyed your time together. Lean in for a kiss. When your postal worker refuses the kiss, apologize for misjudging the situation, but cherish the day’s adventures for the rest of your life all the same.

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Postal workers can be awesome (fashionable) people!

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A handy image to spread the postal worker love!

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