How to Celebrate World UFO Day – July 2, 2017


World UFO Day
July 2, 2017

Quit your job, sell your belongings, buy an RV, and use your remaining money to fund your search for definitive evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Travel to UFO hotspots around the country, interview eyewitnesses, and camp out at reported alien abduction sites. One night, after years of fruitless seeking, scream your frustrations out into the darkness. Plead with the stars for the barest hint of a crumb of proof. Weep bitter tears, but never stop believing. Watch the skies and wait. Wait forever.

We want to believe!

Read all about it…

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  2. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record – Amazon
  3. UFO Abduction Metal Art Bookends – Etsy
  4. I Want to Leave UFO Patch – Etsy
  5. UFO Abduction Art Print by Eugenia Loli – Society6
  6. Aliens Gave My Cat a Beard by Steven Rhodes – Society6

A handy image to blast into the cosmos…

0702_National UFO Day (1).png

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