How to Celebrate National Sour Candy Day – July 18, 2017


National Sour Candy Day
July 18, 2017

Exchange your last cow for a handful of sour candy beans. Plant the beans in your backyard. Sleep. In the morning, wake to find sour candy beanstalks reaching out of the earth and into the clouds above. Climb a beanstalk until you reach Sour Candy Land. Steal nothing. Kill no one. Instead, introduce yourself politely to the first Sour Candy giant you encounter and request to meet their local officials. Broker peace between Sour Candy Land and the human world below, playing an integral role in their political, cultural, and commercial exchange. Rub your success in your parents’ faces. Oh, yeah? Beans are stupid? Who’s stupid now, jerks?

Rub it in everyone’s faces

0718_National Sour Candy Day.png

The information and skills you need to lead and succeed
Who says money can’t buy happiness? Lots of people. Try anyway.
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