How to Celebrate National Hammock Day – July 22, 2017


National Hammock Day
July 22, 2017

Replace all your home furnishings with hammocks of various shapes, sizes, and materials. The bed and couch are no-brainers, but, if you need some tips: Kitchen table? Hammock with a board across it. Entertainment center? Hang the individual devices from the ceiling. Bookshelf? Books are dumb, throw them out. Once all your furniture is suitably en-hammocked, have a few tons of sand delivered to your home. Cover your floors in sand. Live a life of perpetual beach vacation.


Take it easy. We’ve made you a picture you can share with your friends, social networks, and secret Pinterest boards.

0722_National Hammock Day

A hammock is a great place to do some light reading. May we suggest…
In the market for a hammock? We got you, boo.
  1. Mexican Style Cotton String Hammock by wellhunghammocks on Etsy
  2. SEGMART Camping Hammock on Amazon
  3. Lazy Hammock by GiveAsmArt on Etsy
  4. Handmade Cocoon-style Hammock by HangAHammock on Etsy
  5. Honesh Outdoor 2-Person Cotton Hammock on Amazon

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