How to Celebrate World Coloring Book Day – August 2, 2017

World Coloring Book Day
August 2, 2017

Visit your local bookstore and make a beeline for their adult coloring book section.

Peruse the many shelves of adult coloring books, ranging in subject matter from nature to fantasy to cars, architecture, travel, and everything in between.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is adult life so devoid of artistic and/or creative outlets that an entire industry can be born – and thrive – from that want?
  • Can coloring the works of others truly be considered creative self-expression?
  • What is the purpose of self-expression?
  • What is the “self?”
  • Do I use crayons, pencils, markers, or pens in these things?

Purchase as many coloring books as you can afford, as well as an assortment of coloring utensils and implements. Squash your cares and concerns into a tight little ball and hide it away in an untouched corner of your psyche. Sit down, open a coloring book, and enjoy.

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