International Cat Day – August 8, 2017

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

Draw a cat on a piece of paper. Write the word “cat” beneath the drawing and hand it to the person sitting closest to you. Say, “I drew you a cat.” The person will smile and tell you what a great cat it is and that you are very talented at drawing. You will become friends.

Draw another cat, label it, and hand it to another person. This person will take your drawing and say nothing. Perhaps they will look at you strangely, crumple up the paper, and then walk away. You will not become friends. In fact, the interaction will leave you feeling a bit hurt.

Here is the lesson: Cats aren’t for everyone. Some people are allergic. Some people might even be afraid of them. But, regardless of their feelings for cats, people who can’t appreciate an honest, friendly gesture are assholes, and you’re better off without them. Cat drawings are a convenient way of finding this out.

Links & Learning

All about cats.

Let’s learn to draw.

If that doesn’t work out, let this man draw a cat for you.

Aw, yis. GIFs of drawings of cats.


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