National Book Lovers Day – August 9, 2017

How to National Book Lovers Day

Visit your local library and wander the stacks searching for your favorite books. When you find one, whip out a piece of scratch paper and scrawl a little note – something brief, but poignant – about how much the book meant to you. Tuck the note into the book’s pages and return it to its shelf.

Continue this process until, while leafing through the pages of another favorite, you happen upon a note from someone else. The note will tell the story of how a reclusive, solitary man’s life was changed forever one August afternoon when a stranger strode into his lighthouse demanding to speak to him. It will tell you how they fell in love. The note will say that the year they spent together was the happiest of the lighthouse keeper’s life, that the morning he woke to find the stranger gone was the most devastating, and that the months since the stranger’s disappearance have been the most lonesome. It will say that he wrote this note and left it in one of the stranger’s favorite books in the absurd hope the stranger might happen upon it one day, remember everything, and come home.

Fold the note back into the book. Return the book to its shelf. Walk away.

Wander the library until you come upon a small room, lit by a single, bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Beneath the bulb, you’ll find an old stone pedestal with a shiny red button sitting atop it.

Press the button.

Heads Up – Narrative Days

This is our third Narrative Days – a post featuring a light narrative that threads through other national days. Our first entry was National Fresh Breath Day. Our second was World Lighthouse Day. Please check them out to see what’s happened so far!

Fair warning: Narrative Days will be intermittently sprinkled throughout the month. We hope you’ll stay tuned to see what happens next.

Links & Learning

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