Highlight Reel: Challenge #1: The Bro Zone

Our first week of mischief has come to an end. How did you do?

We asked a few folks for their scores and a line or two on how the challenge went. A sampling:

MtB – 66 pts
Most of my points came from emails. But, I feel a little sad that no one responded to my bro-mails. Why not, bro? 😦

JNew – 53 pts
I said “bro” in a meeting and waited to see if anyone would call me out. No one batted an eye.

JoJo – 30 pts
Didn’t do great because I kept forgetting, but some evidence below. I wish I had a more persistent reminder to use bro more often this week.
Mothar – 29 pts
29! Final points earned: “Subject: Bro, your spreadsheet” 🙂

Janonymous – 27 pts
I got a total of 27 points! Called many people “bro” in meetings haha. This challenge was a bit difficult because my interactions are less email-based, so I went more with the meeting tactic. Pretty sure I’ll be using the word “bro” for many months to come. 😸

BuzzLightYear – 18 pts
I feel like I started the challenge a bit late, so I became a little lenient on what I considered a “meeting”since I don’t have very many of them in general. I also don’t send too many emails, more Salesforce posts – so I didn’t get to score very high there.

Pteradactyl – 10 pts
Oh, man. My score is embarrassing. I think it was kinda hard because I don’t normally send one-off emails. The guy I sent the Bro email to never responded to me. 😦

MTau – -15 pts
I figured I’d try for the lowest score. Did I win?

How about you? Feel free to share your scores and experiences in the comments or drop us a line.

A new challenge will be posted Sunday night and it will not lean quite so heavily on email correspondence. Stay tuned.

Thanks for playing, everyone!