Challenge #19: On the Rocks

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Hello, friends! It’s been too long. We’ve missed you so much!

After a long hiatus, we’re back with a brand new challenge inspired by a Reddit post. In OP’s home town, “people paint rocks and hide them for others to find.” Their son recently found this one: 

I crave cheddar.jpeg

This spoke to us on many levels. 

We did some googling. Turns out painting rocks and leaving them places is totally a thing, with many towns across the country playing along. But, we reckoned the FMTCD community could put their own unique spin on the project. So…

The Challenge

Write messages and/or draw pictures on rocks – or suchlike objects – and abandon them in public spaces for others to discover. See how many rocks you can plant or discover by EOC (end of challenge).

The content of your messages is entirely up to you. We have 100% confidence in your ability to deliver magic and/or terror.

The Catch(es)

  • Rocks (or suchlike) must be left in common and/or public areas to maximize discoverability. 
  • Rocks (or suchlike) should not be hucked, chucked, or tossed at people. Set them down gently to minimize damage to the rocks.
  • Non-toxic writing implements and/or paints are preferred in case someone attempts to eat your rock (discouraged). Sharpies and acrylic paints work well. 
  • Going forward, challenges will be biweekly – you’ll have two weeks to complete each challenge. So many rocks! Don’t eat any of them!

The Sharing

We want to see your rocks (or suchlike). Show us what you’ve got!

  • Send us an email at HEY @ FOLLOWMETOCERTAINDOOM dot COM
  • Post pics to Twitter or Instagram and call us out (@FMTCD) in the tweet/post

We collect a gallery of our players’ works for posterity and like to share the pics on our social media, as is the practice of our times.

So glad to be back and so excited to see what you do with this challenge.

With love,

Certain Doom

A Few Relevant Links:
Potential Inspiration:
A List of Items that are not rocks but will work in a pinch:
  • bricks
  • erasers
  • pinecones
  • sticky notes
  • sand dollars
  • himalayan salt lamps
  • any taxidermied animal
  • etc.