We Wrote A Book!


how to celebrate national days


We are ecstatic to announce our very first book!

If you’ve enjoyed our questionable advice for how to celebrate national days, you will adore this book. All 31 days of July are accounted for with our expert bad advice on how to live your life or die trying. Hooray!

The book is currently available as on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle devices. We hope to spread our poor choices to other platforms and formats in the coming months. We’ll keep you updated.

For now, we would be unspeakably grateful if you could spare just 99 cents, pick up the book, and leave us a review.

Thank you in advance (and retroactively) for all the support you’ve given to this stupid, dumb project and the silly things we do. You are the best people.

Your friend forever,

Certain Doom