How to Celebrate National Pralines Day – June 22nd, 2017

National Pralines Day
June 24, 2017

Pralines have a day? Seriously? Fine. Make yourself some pralines, crochet a doily, make one of those terrifying lamps out of a doll. Hold a strong opinion over how “pralines” should be pronounced, but pick the worst possible option. How about “pruh-loons?” Offer your pruhloons to others on the condition they refer to them only as “pruh-loons” henceforth. Eat all the pruhloons yourself because no one will agree to your nonsense terms. Leave work early and get a jump start on your weekend.



Just a bunch of pictures of lamps made of dolls:

Image sources: a Google image search for “doll lamp.”

Share the horror with this handy image:

0623_National Pralines Day (2).png

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