How to Celebrate National Nude Day – July 14, 2017


National Nude Day
July 14, 2017

Take casual Friday to the next level by forgoing clothes entirely. In fact, forgo work. Instead, visit an isolated beach. If you don’t live near a beach, try a secluded spot in the forest. If you don’t live near a forest, try the desert. If you don’t live near a desert, try the Arctic tundra. The point is: find a remote location where nudity would be acceptable given the total absence of other humans. Once there, exit your vehicle and remove your clothes. Walk into the wilderness. Wild animals will greet you – at first concerned, then curious, then friendly. The animals will lead you to a magical cavern, all aglow with lightning bugs and every type of bioluminescent fungi. At the heart of the cavern, a freshwater spring will feed a deep pool of crystalline water, surrounded on every side by mounds of lush moss. Recline upon a mound, resting your head in the velvet of the moss. The birds will sing the sweetest lullaby. Sleep. Defenseless and exposed, the animals will attack and eat you. This is why we wear clothes.

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  1. Faux Real Men’s Naked Body Hoodie
  2. Adult’s Naked Man Costume
  3. Naked Macho T-shirt of The Man
  4. FunWorld Adam and Even 2-in-1 Bag Costume

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