How to Celebrate National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15, 2017

dog birthday cake on the ground

National Pet Fire Safety Day
July 15, 2017

Have a frank discussion with your pet about fire safety. Provide a detailed floorplan of your home, highlighting appropriate exit routes in case of fire. Demonstrate how to operate a fire extinguisher. Install state-of-the-art smoke detection, motion detection, and security systems throughout your home. Become so consumed with your pet’s safety that you neglect your pet’s happiness. Recognize the growing emotional distance between you and your pet, but remain unable to shake your anxiety over fire safety. When the gulf becomes too great and your pet leaves you, recognize the irony of the situation – what you thought would keep you together ultimately drove you apart. Harbor no resentment. Use your newfound solitude to focus on working on yourself and developing a side-hustle as a pet fire safety consultant.

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