How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day – July 16, 2017


National Ice Cream Day
July 16, 2017 (Third Sunday in July)

Visit your local grocery store to purchase as much of your favorite ice cream as you can afford. Demand a discount in celebration of the day. Return home and carefully stack the ice cream containers, building a small fort around yourself on your living room floor. Pretend a terrible pestilence has invaded your fort and your only means of escape is eating the walls around you. Consume the ice cream. Realize too late that the only real contagion was your deep-seated feeling of inadequacy. Reflect on the day’s accomplishments and the skills you demonstrated to achieve them – navigation, negotiation, spatial reasoning, creativity, imagination, eating. Join the competitive eating circuit and find validation and companionship in your new field.

Self-actualized people share inspirational images like this one…

0716_National Ice Cream Day.png

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Some ice cream gifs…
Some ice cream gifts…
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