Challenge #20: Badges

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One of the greatest tragedies of adult life is its dearth of recognition for your daily accomplishments. Remember when we were kids and every little thing we did was cause for celebration? Shitty drawing of a house? Gold star and prime placement on the fridge! Didn’t poop your pants today? Praise and adulation from your family and peers! Learned to tie a knot? A goddamn merit badge!

Well, we think adulting is hard work, too, and utterly deserving of recognition. Let’s celebrate milestones big, small, trivial, and life-changing by rewarding ourselves with our own merit badges.

The Challenge

Create your own merit badges and award them to yourself, friends, family, colleagues, strangers, animals, and inanimate objects. 

What can you earn a merit badge for? Whatever the fuck you want! Reward yourself just for making it through another day. Seriously. It’s rough out there.

The Format

Not the crafty type? No worries! This challenge isn’t about artistic skill. Even a celebratory post-it or scrap of paper declaring something simple like “Didn’t poop my pants today” counts. But, just in case, we made you these handy badge templates to print out, fill out, and dispense at will.


Black & White Badges PDF
Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.39.10 AM
Color Badges PDF


If you’re more digitally inclined, enjoy a zip file of badge template PNGs.

The Catch(es)

Virtually none! But, if we had to think of some off the top of our head, they’d be stuff like:

  • Don’t pin a merit badge directly into your own flesh, unless that’s something you’re already into. If it is, then have at it.
  • Don’t draw a merit badge onto a sleeping friend’s face in permanent marker, unless it’s really funny. If it is, then have at it.
  • Don’t damage other people’s property without their permission. Even if it is funny. Don’t be a dick.

The Sharing

We want to celebrate your merits and achievements. Please share!

  • Send us an email at HEY @ FOLLOWMETOCERTAINDOOM dot COM
  • Post pics to Twitter or Instagram and call us out (@FMTCD) in the tweet/post

We collect a gallery of our players’ works for posterity and like to share the pics on our social media, as is the practice of our times.

Please play with us. Play with us forever!


Certain Doom

P.S. We made you a few examples to help you get started. We’ll post more as the challenge continues!