How to Celebrate International Day of Friendship – July 30, 2017


International Day of Friendship
July 30, 2017

Scroll through your contact list and select a contact you don’t immediately recognize – bonus points if it’s listed only by first name, inanimate object name, or Homeric epithet (e.g., “no-pants frat boy,” “wonk-eye bowling pin,” “governor-elect,” etc.). Depending on the information available to you, begin a correspondence over text, email, or physical mail with a simple greeting, slowly escalating the frequency and intensity of your communications over the course of the day. Forge a genuine emotional connection with your rediscovered contact. Meet for coffee. Fall in love. Get married. (Friendship plays an integral role in successful marriages.) In one year, begin the process again.

Links & Learning

Are online friends “real?”

Making and keeping friends.

What’s all this about Homer?

  • Epithets in Homer on Wikipedia
  • Homer on
  • The Odysseytranslated by Samuel Butler courtesy of MIT’s Classics department
  • The Illiadtranslated by Samuel Butler courtesy of MIT’s Classics department

Not to be confused with Homer Simpson.

Buying things makes us feel better


  1. Handmade friendship bracelets by MaxtacyHandcraft on Etsy
  2. Best friends heart necklace by MissDiary on Etsy
  3. Best Friends art print by Bellymonster on Society6
  4. Fox & Bear: Best Friends art print by Alina Milisunaite Galleries on Society6
  5. Besties art print by Leah Reena Goren on Society6
  6. Frog and Toad Are Friends on Amazon
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