How to Celebrate International Mutt Day – July 31, 2017

mutts from the comic strip Mutts

International Mutt Day
July 31, 2017

Visit your local animal shelter and peruse its available dogs. Consider your living conditions and general circumstances before selecting a dog appropriate to your lifestyle. Visit with the dog. Get a feel for its personality. Go home and sleep on the decision before returning in the morning to adopt your new friend. Lavish your new pet with toys, treats, and affection. Go on adventures together – chasing squirrels, fetching balls, swimming in the ocean. Become best friends. Be happier than you’ve ever been. Cherish your time together, for it will be painfully short. No matter how long they live, it won’t be long enough. Upside: you won’t regret a moment of it.

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Some people think mutts are better than purebred dogs.

Do dogs love us?

Picture time!

A selection of mutts from The Mutt-i-grees:

0731_International Mutt Day

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