We Wrote You Another Book!

how to celebrate national days volume 2 book cover


We wrote you another book, friends! Our second book – How to Celebrate National Days: Instructions for Enjoying Daily Pseudo-Holidays, Volume 2 is now available in convenient ebook and paperback formats. Please check it out on Amazon at this link.

What’s the book about?

The book is a collection of all our daily National Days posts for the entire month of August. Each entry provides questionable advice on how to make the most of the day. Several of the entries are connected by a narrative element that leads you on a path of love found, love lost, love tapping at the corners of your seeming amnesia about previous events, and love at the very least pursued again to indeterminate results. You’ll kind of have to read it to find out.

Why do I need the book when I can read the entries on the blog?

The narrative element we mention above is a lot easier to follow when you’re able to read the entries back-to-back. Plus, books are neat! Double plus, as Andy points out in the comments: what if the power goes out and you need to know how to celebrate a national day? What then? A book is what.

If it helps at all, we priced our book as cheaply as Amazon would allow. So, it is hopefully an accessible price point for most. The ebook is actually free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Are legitimate creative types saying nice things about Certain Doom and its writing capabilities?

Funny you should ask! They totally are. Here are some blurb-type things from legitimate creative types:

In an ideal world, Wikihow should be written for Victorian lizard people, therapy should be sponsored by jelly beans and bleach, and the cooking channel should be hosted by happy goths. They should make you smile but also kill you IRL. ‘Certain Doom’ is all of this. Cheerfully demented prose-poetry.
– Kevin Tang, Author and Founding Editor of Blunderbuss Magazine

Irreverent, imaginative, and hilarious. If Calendar Man decided to stop harassing Batman and happened to idolize Dave Barry, this is what he’d write. Stuffed to the brim with good ideas and even greater jokes, I defy you not to crack a smile at this.
– Matthew Laurence, Author of Freya

Wonderful, witty, and literally guaranteed* to make you successful, handsome, and liked by most! [*guarantee not literal or a guarantee] Seriously, this book is a delight! Awesome observations, witticisms, and wonderful bite-sized bits of storytelling for both national days you knew about and the dozens and dozens of completely ridiculous days.
– Will Herring, Writer, designer, illustrator, and indie developer of awesome games like Pet the Pup at the Party

I am going to tweet the f#<% out of this book!
– Ed Annunziata, Game designer, entrepreneur, and creator of Ecco the Dolphin as well as dozens of games you have played and enjoyed

Are we really friends?

Even if you don’t buy our book, we will always and forever be the best of friends.

Yours always,

Certain Doom