Challenge #7: Photo Scavenger Hunt

photo flashLabor Day Weekend* may be fast approaching, but we’re holding on to the last vestiges of summer (and those hazy memories of high school and college team-building activities) with a time-honored tradition – the photo scavenger hunt.

The Challenge

Collect pictures and/or videos of the items listed below. Submit pics to FMTCD for extra extra points and multiple chances at winning this week’s $20 Amazon Gift Card. 

The Catches

None, really. Items in the list can be stuff you stumble upon in the office or even your own creations. In fact, we encourage you to stage some shots for the sake of shenanigans! Otherwise, we simply ask that you be mindful of The Rules.

The Points

  • Take a picture or video of any item on the list: 10 pts
  • Submit your picture or video to FMTCD at hey AT followmetocertaindoom DOT com or post and tag it with #FMTCD on Instagram or Twitter: 20 pts
  • Photobomb a Player Colleague’s attempted picture: 25 pts

The Prize

Everyone who submits a photo will be automatically entered to win this week’s prize – a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Please see Weekly Prizing for more details. BONUS: Each pic you send in will count as a separate and distinct entry in the drawing. So, the more pics you send, the greater your chances of winning.

The Items

We’ve created this handy PDF for your printing pleasure. Additionally, we’re pasting in the full list below.

Photo Scavenger Hunt Items List
FMTCD Photo Scavenger Hunt List
Click to Download
  • Clear disregard of a posted sign
  • Seasonally inappropriate office decorations
  • The unshod feet of a coworker – bonus points for unshod feet on a table/desk
  • A dead or dying office plant – bonus points if you save it!
  • A new Mad Stack you’ve built
  • A drawing of a bird
  • A printed meme or image macro
  • A passive-aggressive note or message
  • A selfie with your favorite person at work
  • A cryptic message left on a whiteboard or bulletin board
  • An office dog (or cat, or bird, or living animal of any kind)
  • A paperclip chain of at least 6 paperclips
  • A drawing of what you wanted to be when you grew up
  • A drawing of what you ended up being
  • An outdated calendar
  • A sleeping colleague
  • A snack that no one likes but your office keeps buying
  • Something in the fridge that doesn’t belong
  • Multiple opened beverages on a single desk
  • The messiest desk in your office
  • Toilet paper placed in incorrect “underhand” position
  • Signs that make no sense and/or include typos
  • Multiple bottles of hot sauce
  • Any taxidermied animal
  • Any inspirational or motivational messaging
  • Off-brand sodas and snacks
  • A meeting with more than 4 people that’s lasted more than an hour
  • The most out-of-place item on a desk
  • A bad smell
  • A password written on a sticky note – feel free to obscure the password

And, that’s it! Happy hunting, Players. We look forward to your photographic exploits.

*Speaking of Labor Day Weekend, in observance of the holiday and the fact that workplace challenges require folks to be in the workplace, there will be no new challenge next week. That said, we will likely continue to post various other nonsense to the blog throughout that week. Stop by! We’ll be around.