National Cherry Turnovers Day – August 28, 2017


How to Celebrate National Cherry Turnovers Day

Pull your cherry turnovers from the oven and set them on a rack to cool. Fan them lightly with your oven-mitted hands.

Take in your surroundings. They are familiar if badly kept. Dust covers every surface. Cobwebs obscure a view of sand and shore from the cracked kitchen window.

Remove your apron and mitts. Leave the kitchen. Walk outside.

An abandoned lighthouse looms on the cliff, covered in brambles and low-quality graffiti. This is the place. But, you’re too late. No one has lived here for years.

Return to the cottage. Pack some cherry turnovers, various foodstuffs, and whatever supplies you can find into an old tablecloth, fashioning a makeshift hobo bindle. Think about the redundancy of “makeshift hobo bindle.”

Walk towards town.

You remember everything now – the lighthouse, the year together, the book, the snow globe, the song, the empty rooms, the bare bulbs, and all the shiny red buttons. You’d be alarmed at the strange, Twilight-Zone direction your life has taken if you weren’t consumed with a single thought: where is the lighthouse keeper?

Narrative Post

The story continues!

This August, we’ve connected several of our National Days posts with a little narrative – a story of love found, lost, misdirected, and otherwise repeatedly thwarted by a shiny red button and the undeniable urge to press it.

Today’s post picks up where National Just Because Day left off and is the eleventh entry in the series.

Previous entries, in order, were:

  1. National Fresh Breath Day
  2. World Lighthouse Day
  3. National Book Lovers Day
  4. National Garage Sale Day
  5. National Creamsicle Day
  6. World Photo Day
  7. National Radio Day
  8. National Sponge Cake Day
  9. National Waffle Day
  10. National Just Because Day

Every post through the end of the month will be a narrative post, and will complete the story. Will you find the lighthouse keeper? Does he even remember you? Will you ever escape this stupid shiny red button? Stay tuned to find out!

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