National Garage Sale Day – August 12, 2017

How to Celebrate National Garage Sale Day

Hop in your car and cruise your town’s ritzier neighborhoods for a garage sale.

Protip: garage sales are sometimes referred to as “estate sales,” particularly when associated with negative life events such as divorce, bankruptcy, or death. So, bonus points for the opportunity to ghoulishly pick over the remains of another person’s life.

Find an estate sale, park your car, and make your way through the one man’s trash that may soon be your treasure. As you peruse the goods, imagine how the items fit together to tell the story of their previous owner’s life – a collection of commemorative thimbles, the complete Jim Nabors’ discography, a burlap sack of human hair.

Another bonus of estate sales: they typically allow access to the entire home. Take advantage of this. Pace the halls, flop onto couches, avail yourself of the facilities.

In the powder room just off the main hall, as you wash your hands with a shell-shaped soap, notice a snow globe beside the sink. Like everything else in the room, it will be nautically themed – its ceramic base carved with waves crashing against rocky cliffs, and, inside the globe, a miniature seascape: a golden shore, a cozy cottage, a lighthouse.

Dry your hands. Shake the snow globe. Wonder why you’re crying.

Return the snow globe to the sink. Turn away, and open the door to the linen closet. Instead of towels and toilet paper, find only a single, bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling above a stone pedestal with a shiny red button at its top.

Press the button.

This Is a Narrative Day

This is our fourth Narrative Days – a post featuring a light narrative that threads through other national days. Previous entries, in order, were:

Please check them out to see what’s happened so far! Fair warning: Narrative Days will be intermittently sprinkled throughout the month. We hope you’ll stay tuned to see what happens next.

Links & Learning

You can find some pretty sweet stuff at garage/estate sales.

Why do snow globes exist?

A Relevant GIF

Pretty much exactly this.

citizen kane snow globe.gif

You Can Take It With You

Snowglobe art you can make your own.

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